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Grand Theft Auto San Andreas, is one of the most popular games ever. Even though it was launched back in 2004, it is still played by innumerable individuals (including me). GTA San Andreas became the best-selling video game of 2004 and reached the milestone of 27.5 Million copies in 2011. It was also declared as “one of the greatest games ever made” by some of the reviewers of the game. The release of GTA San Andreas for Android in December 2013 has further boosted the number of players of this incredible game. GTA San Andreas gives you the excitement and thrill of living a gangster’s life. You get to live the lives of different characters and do whatever you want without the fear of actually having to go to the prison.

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However, GTA San Andreas is priced ridiculously high on the Google Play Store. But you don’t have worry about the prices as long as we are here for you. We are providing you with GTA San Andreas APK+Data absolutely free. You just need to follow the steps carefully, and you can easily download the full version of GTA San Andreas APK+Data without any downloading fee or irritating surveys.


GTA San Andreas..

GTA San Andreas is an open world game by Rockstar Games. GTA stands for Grand Theft Auto which literally means the snatching of Cars and other automobiles from the passengers on roads (this is apparently what everybody loves to do instead of completing their missions).

Game Plot: You’d love reading this…

GTA San Andreas is set up in 1992 within the state of San Andreas, which is based in parts of California and Nevada. GTA San Andreas has three main cities (fictional) which are Los Santos (corresponding to Los Angeles), Las Venturas ( based on Las Vegas), and San Fierro ( San Francisco). The game has several places and structures which resemble their real-world counterparts very closely. Some of such notable locations are the Vinewood Sign (based on the Hollywood sign in LA), Sherman Dam (corresponding to the Hoover Dam in Nevada), and Area 69 (based on Area 51). The makers of the game have tried really hard to make it more real-world like.

The main storyline of GTA San Andreas revolves around a black guy names Carl Johnson (referred to as CJ throughout the game). In 1992, CJ, who was a former member of the ‘Grove Street Families,’ returns home from the Liberty City after he is informed about his mother’s murder in drive-by gunfire. Upon his return to the city, he is ambushed by a group of corrupt police officers led by Frank Tenpenny. Tenpenny threatens CJ to work for him otherwise he’ll frame CJ for the murder of an Internal Affairs Officer (who was murdered by Tenpenny himself).  They let CJ leave once he agrees to work for him. After the police officers leave CJ, he reunites with his brother Sweet and sister Kendl at his mother’s funeral. However, Sweet angrily confronts and blames CJ for the decreased influence of the Grove Street Gang. CJ then tells Sweet that he’ll stay and help him rebuild the lost reputation of the gang. CJ and Sweet start working together with their friends, Big Smoke and Ryder, to win the city back from their rivals, the Ballas. However, CJ is occasionally sidetracked by the orders from Tenpenny, who forces him to assist Tenpenny in black marketing and drug smuggling.

Later Sweet asks CJ to keep an eye on Cesar, Kendl’s new boyfriend. However, CJ discovers that Cesar really cares for Kendl and befriends him.

With Grove Street on the peak of its strength, Sweet plans to intercept the Ballas to put an end to the war. However, before CJ could get to the fight, he receives a call from Cesar to meet him somewhere else. CJ is shocked to see Big Smoke, Ryder, Tenpenny, and the Ballas working together to hide the car used for CJ’s mother’s murder. Big Smoke and Ryder betrayed CJ and Sweet by selling out the Grove Street along with the Ballas and Tenpenny. After seeing this, CJ rushes towards Sweet only to find him severely wounded by the Ballas counter-ambush. Suddenly, Tenpenny arrives there to arrest them both. With Sweet and CJ gone, Big Smoke and Ryder announce their association with the Ballas. They take over the city of Los Santos and fill its street with drugs. With Tenpenny’s cooperation, they seem to be unstoppable.

Tenpenny decides to get more out of CJ by threatening him to arrange Sweet’s death in the prison. Bound by the threat, he is forced to work for C.R.A.S.H. CJ also works with Cesar’s cousin Catalina to make money by carrying out thefts in the area. He also becomes friends with a hippie named The Truth, and a blind Chinese-American triad leader named Wu Zi Mu. Later, CJ goes to a garage in San Fierro with The Truth, Cesar and Kendl to make a living there. There, CJ came to know about Loco Syndicate, the drug connection of  Big Smoke and Ryder. CJ kills Ryder and the other Loco Syndicate leaders, Jizzy B and T-Bone Mendez. He also shoots down Loco Syndicate’s leader Mike Toreno’s helicopter and later destroys the Syndicate’s Drug factory.

Just after CJ destroys the factory, he receives a call from Toreno to meet him at a ranch in the desert. Toreno reveals that he is actually a government agent watching on criminal activities and asks CJ’s help in exchange for Sweet’s release from the prison. CJ then travels to Las Venturas, where Wu Zi Mu invites him to become a partner in the Four Dragons Casino, which is facing problems from the mobs of the city. CJ helps Wu Zi Mu by carrying out a heist in the mob’s casino. He attains trust of the mob boss, Salvatore Leone by carrying out various jobs for him. CJ’s betrayal makes the mob boss start detesting him.

On the other side of the country, Tenpenny fears that his arrest is inevitable. He tasks Pulaski with killing CJ and Hernandez. Pulaski forces CJ to dig his own grave when severely injured Hernandez attacks Pulaski which leads to his death. CJ later kills Pulaski when he tries to escape.

Tenpenny asks CJ for one last favor and then finally gets Sweet released from the prison. Now prosperous and successful, CJ proposes Sweet to join his business. However, Sweet gets angry that he ran away and let the rival gang take over their home to make his own fortune. CJ then helps Sweet kill the rival gang members once again. Tenpenny is arrested, but all the charges against him are dropped due to the lack of evidence. CJ also helps Cesar to regain control over the neighborhood and also rebuild his gang’s territory.

Sweet soon finds about the whereabouts of Big Smoke and he, along with CJ, goes there to confront him. Eventually, CJ and Big Smoke get in a gunfight. CJ defeats and Big Smoke, and he confesses that he betrayed Grove Street Families to gain more power and money. He dies shortly after from his injuries. Suddenly, Tenpenny arrives and holds CJ at gunpoint along with stealing all of Big Smoke’s money. Tenpenny tries to leave the city with the money in a fire truck, and CJ and Sweet follow him. However, Tenpenny loses control of his fire truck and drives off the bridge over the Grove Street cul-de-sac and crashes at the entrance to it. Severely wounded Tenpenny crawls from the debris and dies right in front of CJ and his friends.

Later, CJ and his friends arrive at the Johnson house for a gathering where Madd Dogg declares his first Gold record. As his family and friends commemorate their success, CJ decides to leave the city and gets out of the house.

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Why Should You Care?

You must be thinking why you should care? It’s just a video game after all. Well, I beg to differ. Grand Theft Auto San Andreas is not just a video game. It is an experience: an experience of living the life of a gangster. It offers you the thrill and excitement of living your life on the edge. You can live a second life and do whatever you actually want to do, at least in the virtual world

GTA San Andreas APK+Data:

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We have shared the full cracked GTA San Andreas APK+Data here on our site exclusively for our visitors. You can download GTA San Andreas APK from somewhere else too. However, there are several benefits of downloading it from our website which you won’t be getting if you download it from other sites.

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Steps to Installation-  Download GTA San Andreas APK+Data:

You can download full GTA San Andreas APK+Data here ..

We are providing you full GTA San Andreas APK+Data for download absolutely free. You just need to follow the following steps to install it on your smartphone.

  • Download the full GTA San Andreas APK+DATA from here.
  • Unzip the file downloaded using any of the extracting tools like WinRar or WinZip.
  • Install the GTA San Andreas Mod.apk from the extracted files.
  • Copy ‘com.rockstargames.gtasa’ folder from the extracted files to SD Card/Android/obb. (If there is no obb folder in Android, you can create one too)
  • That’s it. You can experience the thrill and excitement of the GTA San Andreas on your smartphone.


System Requirements:

  • Android – 4.4 or higher.
  • RAM – 2GB or higher.
  • Storage – 2GB free space on your internal or external storage.
  • Processor – Quad-Core 1.5GHz or higher.

GTA SA Cheats:

GTA San Andreas Cheats is very easy to use. You just have to swipe down with two fingers, and you can select any of the cheats that you want to apply. Some of the best cheats available are Unlimited Health, Armor and vehicles of your choice. To give you a clear idea on “ How to use GTA San Andreas APK Cheats” we have attached a few screenshots below.

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How To Become A Pro:

The best part about the GTA San Andreas APK+DATA is that you don’t need professional skills to become a pro player. GTA San Andreas cheats will do the work for you. For example, you can use the cheat MONEYARMOURHEALTH for armor, money, and health. Also, there are restrictions on the number of times you can use a cheat. Therefore, you will never run out of money, health or vehicles either.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Will this work on a non-rooted device?

A: Yes, it will work on a rooted as well as a non-rooted device.


Q: The APK is asking me to download the game data. What should I do?

A: You must have made a mistake in placing the obb files in the right directory. You have to put them in SDCard/Android/obb.


Q: The game is lagging way to much. What can I do to make it playable?

A: Try graphics settings to low with a lower resolution. If it is still lagging, it is time buy a new smartphone.

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GTA San Andreas is undoubtedly one of the best games available for Android devices. The storyline and gameplay of the game are impressive, and it provides you the thrill and excitement of living a gangster’s life. However, the price of GTA San Andreas APK is way too much on the Google Play Store. Thus, we have provided you with full GTA San Andreas APK+Data crack for download.

You can download and enjoy GTA San Andreas on your smartphone seamlessly. The installation of the game is straightforward, and you won’t get any errors if you read the instructions carefully. However, if you do face any problem regarding the installation, feel free to give your feedback in the comment section below. We would be more than happy to assist you in resolving the issue.

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