[LATEST Version] Clash Royale 1.9.2 APK Download for Android

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Clash Royale is a head to head real-time battle game especially for the Android users. Clash Royale is the very beautiful and full of strategy game by the supercell creators which are also the developers of clash of clans. If you have played clash of clans then you will notice that most of the characters of clash Royale and clash of clans are similar. Sometimes many of the users say that it is just an updated version of COC clash of clans which some new clash royale update but the supercell or the developers of clash Royale refuses it they says that Clash Royale and clash of clans both are very different. So , we can say that clash Royale is simply a premium video game which is developed for the Android mobile users.Clash of Royale has come in the market with a lot of updated features and new levels in this popular and interesting games.

Clash Royale supports all devices Android , iOS , windows PC or Mac you are able to play it in any of your device. But , today we are going to discuss about the clash Royale app for Android users. There are different and new elements which are present in the clash Royale like –

  • Feature of tower defense
  • Clash Royale game is simply a card game which you can collect
  • You can also play the multiplayer arena of this incredible game

There are all over total 11 number of areas in this game which excludes the tutorial arena and training camp. You will get the different number of trophies or price after crossing different levels of arenas. Let us know about these 11 areas of this game –

  • The name of the first arena is Goblin Stadium
  • The name of the second arena is Bone Pit
  • The name of the third arena is Barbarian bowl
  • The name of the fourth arena is P.E.K.K.A’s play house
  • The name of the fifth arena is Spell valley.
  • The name of the sixth arena is Builder’s workshop
  • The name of the seventh arena is Royale arena
  • The name of the eighth arena is Frozen peak
  • The name of the ninth arena is Jungle arena
  • The name of the tenth arena is Hof mountain
  • The name of the eleventh arena is Legendary arena

So , these all are the 11 areas which you will be going to play in this game.

So , the top level or arena of this game is level thirteen. You will go to the top most level by playing and passing all levels one by one and you will collect different points and prizes by simply donating or upgrading cards. You can won the trophies in the multiplayer battle of clash Royale Private Server, you can even loose your trophies in multi player game. In the battle or multi player level you have to destroy the more and more number of towers of your opposite player and the destroyed tower is known as the crown in this game. You will be awarded the three – crown victory on destroying more number of towers and you will win the battle.

New strategies for Clash Royale APK game

1 . The payable unit of clash Royale game are the cards which you will get in the game when you play it.

2 . In every game set you have to create a desk of around eight different cards which can be later used for attacking or defending from the rival players spell , unit or tower.

3 . First of all when you start the multiplayer game you will be allowed to choose the random 4 cards from this deck of 8 cards.

4 . You will get the elixir points in the game when you select each of the card.

5 . You will get the 5 exilir points for starting your game or battle , it is basically a time based game and you will loose the one exilir point in every 2.8 sec of your game with the maximum of 10 exilir points. After clicking on the first card to play the second card will automatically get out from your deck of 8 cards.

6 . There were total 76 cards in the game in September 2017 with the 4 community which are known as :

– common

– Rare

– Epic

– Legendary

When you okay this free clash Royale game you are allowed to purchase gems from the shop of the game and for it you have to spend your points or coins which you will win while playing the levels. You can use these purchased gems for starting any tournament or for entering challenge and purchasing chests card or gold from the game shop. When ever you won any multi player battle you will be rewarded with a chest in this game till your chest box gets full. You will see that there are different types of chest in this game which gets unlocked at different times and the rarity of the chest type. Let us know about these three types of chest –

Silver chest: This is the first type of chest which takes approximately three hours in unlocking.

Golden chest: This is the second type of chest which takes approximately eight hours in unlocking.

Giant chest: It is the third type of chest which takes approximately twelve hours in unlocking.

Magical chest: This is the fourth type of chest which requires approximately twelve hours as same as the giant chest.

Epic chest: This is the fifth type of chest which requires the same twelve hours in unlocking.

Super magical: This is last and topmost type of chest which takes around twenty-four hours in unlocking.

Gems are also included in these chests , you can use these gems for purchasing the chest and increasing the speed of the unlocking chest in this game. These chests has cards , gold , crown chest and free chests which also contain gems in it. There are various levels in these chests and each level has different number and types of card in it. You will get the gold which is available for you to upgrade troop’s of your card for just increased statistics. The 4 chests can be hold in one time for the chest slot opening.

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At every 4 hour you will get the free chests from which you are allowed to spend only 2 and the other 2 should be stored. On every 24 hours you will be going to have a chance of winning crown chest by claiming the 10 crown which you can get from the victories of your multi player battles. The next chest which is clan chest can be get only from the Friday midnight to the Monday midnight. There are total 10 stages in the clan chest and with the every passing stage you will get the amount of reward to be increased.

You have choice of joining or forming the clans from your first playing level.

The members who are the participants of clan are able to perform a friendly battle in 1 vs 1 or 2 vs 2 player groups but in this battle you will not be going to get any trophy or chest on winning , this is just for your practice. The members of clan can easily donate or request cards from each other and this joining in the clan makes you eligible to participate in the clan chest which arrives weekly.


Tournaments present in Clash Royale

In July 2016 , supercell introduced a new feature of tournament in this game which allows you to create a tournament of your choice. You first of all need to unlock this feature and for unlocking you have to clear 8 levels of the game after passing 8th level you will unlock this feature. You will be able to create a tournament which can be open or protected by a password of you. Whenever you clear the tournament you will get the tournament chest in the winning prize or award. You will get the victory New Challenges of Clash Royale 1.9.2 APK of two types in this tournament in which you have to win 12 times and you will be allowed loosing life only two times while playing the tournament.

As we told you that there are basically 2 types of Victory challenges let us know them :


Grand challenge – This challenge makes you to cost up to 100 gems for entering in the tournament and when you complete this challenge you will get the reward of 22000 golds and of 1100 cards.


Classic challenge – This challenge costs you up to 10 gems for entering in the tournament and on winning you will get the award of 2000 golds and 100 cards.


Game Leagues

In March , 2017 Clash Royale introduces a new feature of league. After getting the 4000 trophies you will be taken to the league chart where you will find 9 leagues ranging from the challenge 1 to the ultimate champion. Leagues were classified according to season and the reward which you will get is also depended on the highest league that is achieved in that season. Another feature of clan battles was also introduced by supercell in clash Royale in which there are two players which will be going to battle with the another member of the clan team.

Now , this was all of the necessary and important details which you should know before getting or installing the game. Next, we have to know that how we can install the game APK. For clash Royale download and installing and APK follow the below mentioned steps –

How to download Clash Royale app ( for Android users )

Step – 1 : First of all you need to open the Google play store on your Android device.

Step – 2 : Now , you will the search box at the top of your screen and type their Clash Royale and click on the search icon.

Step – 3 : Now , a new screen will appear in front of you with the clash Royale app.

Step – 4 : Next , you have to click on the install button which is present at the mid right side of the screen.

Step – 5 : After clicking on the install button , a new window will get appear in front of you asking for the permission and click on the accept button for giving the permission.

Step – 6 : As soon as you click on the accept button your downloading will began now wait till the downloading gets completed.

Step – 7 : When your app is getting the download , go to the mobile setting and click on the security option their.

Step – 8 : After clicking on security scroll down and you will find the option of unknown sources. Tap on it for allowing access.

Step – 9 : Now , your app will get installed automatically and you will see the icon of Clash Royale on your mobile screen.

How to install Clash Royale 1.9.0 APK

Before installing the app you have to, first of all, provide the access to the unknown sources so that you will be able to success install the APK on your Android device. For Clash Royale APK Android downloadand installing the APK follow the below-mentioned steps –

Step – 1 : First of all go to the setting option of your device. Here you will find an option of security.

Step – 2 : Now , touch on the security option and scroll down till you find another option of unknown sources. Click on that option for providing the access to you device.

Step – 3 : Now , download the APK file from online site or you can also follow the below provided link and wait till the download of the app gets completed.

Step – 4 : So , after downloading the file go to the file manager and look for the downloaded file and click on it.

Step – 5 : You will see the option of install at the right side of your device and wait till the installation process gets completed.

Step – 6 : As the installing completes you will be able to see the icon of clash Royale apk on your mobile device screen.

So, you can easily download and install the clash Royale APK by following the above-mentioned steps.

Clash Rolaye 1.9.2 APK Latest Version Information


             Name of the App                  Clash Royale
             Name of the File            Clash- Royale – 1.9.2. APK
Version 1.9.2
App Category Games.
                    MD5 9bd684db1f448b88777e55a9124a6db5
Uploaded Date 12th June, 2017
       Size of File 90.57 MB

Features of Clash Royale app

1 . In this game you are able to get chests for unlocking rewards , collecting the cards and upgrade them.

2 . In multiplayer game you can destroy the towers of your rival player for winning.

3 . For earning the crown chest you have to win the crowns.

4 . You are able to construct the tournament on your own and make them password protected.

5 . For reaching to the top most level you will be going to play eleven arenas.

6 . You can share the cards and can form the clans.

7 . You can also challenge your friends and clan mates for a multi player battle.

8 . In the 2 vs 2 friendly battle you can even collect the chests.

9 . You will find out some of the new cards like mega knight , flying machine and many more.

Closure ,

Clash Royale is a very interesting and incredible game which you will surely like playing. Just try to unlock more and more chests and cross all of the levels for reaching to the topmost position of the game. You can create your own password-protected tournament after crossing 8 levels of the game. You are also having a great and interesting feature of multiplayer playing which has a lot of fun in it. So , in this article, we told you about the new version of Clash Royale 1.9.2 APK game about its interesting features and different versions.  We told you that how you can easily descargar clash royale and install this app to your android device. We hope that by following the above mentioned downloading and installing steps you will not be going to face any problem and still if any problem arises then we are here to help you. So download and enjoy playing it.

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