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GTA Vice City apk is out now. Excited yet? 😈 Admit it or not, but GTA Vice city is the best game which I have played in my whole childhood. And here comes the best news, GTA Vice City is now available for android.

For me this was a great and charming experience playing GTA Vice city Apk on android. So, I have decided to write down all my fun experiences of playing GTA VC in this post and guess the good part? I am just gonna drop the APK file in the bottom of this post so that you will be able to get GTA Vice City Apk Download. So, should we start? 😉

Introduction To The Game

You know, I have been playing the game for a long time since I was a child. And nothing gives me goosebumps more that this game does.   Why I am telling you all this? Because my experience with the game was so much great that I could not resist myself revealing it.

When I started playing the game, I was like little stubborn while playing that properly for first time. After some days, it just took me 10 mins to score 6 cases. You can guess my progress level so far. So in this guide, I am going to tell you all about the game itself.

Since I have started elaborating, there is something additional good for you. At the end of this article, you can download GTA Vice City APK for android totally free. Yes, you hear it right, totally free.

The GTA Vice city APK has been released since a long time and this time it is really live for anyone who want the GTA vice city on Android. This APK is open for those who want it for android. It is really cool, bug free, fast and very much easy and convenient to use, so that you may find no trouble.

About The Game

As you know the game has been downloaded and played on pc and consoles since a long while ago, but was not available for android. And the moment it got released, people grew mad to know the mobile version’s  game play.

But you know what?

There is nothing extra than the pc and the console version the game has got. The game play of GTA vice city for android is absolutely same as the pc and the console gaming system.

Still, here is a little info about the whole GTA Vice City like how it started and how far it has come till now.

Back in the year of 2002, GTA Vice city made its appearance on the platform of Playstation 2 and after its huge success outbreaking, it soon got spread to different countries.

The game was very much fun and gamers really liked it. Keeping its huge success in mind, RockStars North again pulled out its newer versions for both PC and XboX. And it got even more successful. 😁

As I said, the GTA Vice City for Android is not anything extra than the PC version.

The story is totally same as well as the vibes. The game background is actually set on the frictional city named Vice City which is located in Florida. Game’s main character is Tommy Vercetti aka Thomas Vercetti who has come to the city with his gang members to deal with the local drug dealers by the order of his boss. The story and game play show the up and down rifts during the mission. And at last Tommy is bound to fight with his own boss and take possession over the whole Vice City.

If you don’t have enough experiences with the GTA Vice City on pc, then let it be. Anyways, you can have all of the fun with the android version itself. Also, the game play is quite impressive as well as the stunning graphics. Here we go about the gameplay.

As Tommy proceeds completing his mission, he faces many ups and downs. While playing the game, you will come across a lot of guns, missions, people and many more.

The game play is quite simple. I don’t want to give you spoilers from now, but in a average manner you need to complete the game by killing your boss and gain control over the whole vice city town.

Well, I have some other things as well for you.

Most astonishing fact about the whole game is you can switch characters by using cheats which are available. Also we have a long list of cheats which can be used on GTA vice city android.  

You won’t believe that GTA vice city for android has got more than 20 missions all alone in the single game. You need to complete them one by one in order to complete the game. As far as I have played those missions, they were the best of their own and won’t make anyone bore.

You might wanna try them as soon as possible, wouldn’t you? 😛



Very simple as it is. You demanded, we are here to supply. The GTA Vice City Apk for android has been released since quite a long time and we are sad to say that there is not that much resources available on the internet from where you can download GTA Vice City Apk for android. By the GTA Vice City APK, you can experience all of the game in your finger tap. It is not the first game of GTA series which has been released for android. There are other GTA series android apk available for android, but we should stick to the current agenda first.

Is it Free?

Of course it is. The game is completely free to download and use on your android phone. If there is any website asking you for money to download the game, then they are not legit. Because we are providing the working GTA Vice City apk for totally free.

Why Download The Apk?

To be frank, no one will give you the exact apk of GTA Vice city for android. There are quite few trusted websites from where you can download GTA Vice City Apk. And our website is one of them.

We don’t provide any faulty, corrupted apk with virus to our users. Our apk is totally clean and virus safe so that you can download it and enjoy the game.

As you see it, GTA Vice City is the oldest and the best first person game out in the market yet. So, if you really want to try any of the GTA Series Game on android, then GTA VC is your call. Don’t get carried much, because the gaming will get into your mind so much. Even I can bet on that.

Where To Download

Downloading the GTA Vice City may turn a little headache for you. Because there are a lot of sites, and you don’t know the site from where you can download GTA Vice City without any problem. If you are getting confused, then try ours.

We have the genuine GTA Vice City apk which can be downloaded instantly and used after that. Nothing else. If you doubt or or suspect the Apk is having any kind of malware or virus, then after downloading you can directly scan it via VirusTotal to ensure that you have a clean and virus free apk file.

After all, you should care about your device and privacy.

How To Install The Apk?

The installation steps are really simple. If you are having any trouble while installing the apk, then follow these below steps.

Steps to follow before installing:

  • Make sure you have downloaded the apk file from our site.
  • After downloading, go to your device’s
  • Go to Lock Screen and security section.
  • Tap on Allow Installation from unknown sources.

You are done. Now go to the memory location of the apk file and click on it to install it.

The Cheats


As you know, every player is quite obsessed with the GTA Vice City cheats. I am too. So let’s make it clear. Here are I am noting down a few Vice City cheats which are very much popular and fun to use.

General Cheat Codes:

By these cheats, you can change the whole games appearance and play the game in a manner which you like the most.

  • APLEASANTDAY – Makes totally cool and nice weather in the game.
  • ALOVELYDAY – Average Weather in the game.
  • ABITDREIG – The weather is cloudy.
  • CATSANDDOGS – Make rain.
  • CANTSEEATHING – Atmosphere is totally fog.

Pro tip: You can make pedestricans fight with each other by this cheat, FIGHTFIGHTFIGHT. I bet you can not help controlling your laugh after that. 😂😂😂

Vehicle Cheat Codes:

  • PANZER – The most used and popular GTA vice city cheat to spawn a military tank.
  • ROCKANDROLLCAR – You can spawn a limo car in seconds by this cheat.
  • TRAVELINSTYLE – You can use this cheat to create a Bloodring banger for yourself to ride.
  • RUBBISHCAR – You can guess it from the name. This is the best cheat to get a worse vehicle ever. Guess what? A garbage truck.!! 🤢

Pro tip: Use “BIGGANG” cheat to make everything blast nearby you. 💣💣💣 This can be useful when you are surrounded by the cops and enemies. Everything will blast and a little number of rivals will stay there.

Weapon and Health Cheats For Players:

  • PRECIOUSPROTECTION – To make yourself covered with full armors.
  • ASPIRINE – To heal you instantly. You can use this too when your vehicle is set on fire.
  • LEAVEMEALONE – To reduce your current wanted level to totally zero.
  • NUTTERTOOLS – A range of different fire arms which can be used by Tommy.
  • THUGSTOOLS – One of the best cheat to get thug wepaons.

Well, these cheats will work the best for you especially when you are starting out and are a newbie. As you can see, there are all the basic cheats for GTA Vice city Android which can be used.

Need anymore cheats? Comment down below in the boxes if you need so. We will provide cheats for you as per your wish. 🙂


For all those mad boys out there, who are seeking the GTA Vice City APK to play and enjoy, there is nothing legit rather than from where you can download the APK easily. And there is also the guide for installation too. All you need is to do the downloading and later install the game.

After that, no one can stop you from setting the Vice City on fire. Go ahead, enjoy the game. And feel free to share the words. Don’t forget to comment your queries  If you have any. TaDa!  

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