Clash of Clans 9.105.10 LATES Android APK Download

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Clash of clans is basically a video game for mobile users which is developed by the Supercell. This game was first released for the iOS users and then for the Android users. The game is like a fantasy tale in which the player is the chief of the village and he had to make his own town with help of the resources, the main resources available in clash of clans are gold , elixir and dark elixir. You can also conjoin with your friends for creating clans , or having battle and clan wars. Let us discuss the main features or parts of the game –

* Buildings

* Troops and spells

* Gems

* Clans and clan wars

* Builders Base and PvP battles


Players needed to build up gold mines and gold storage , elixir collectors and elixir storage for earning and storing of gold , elixir etc. You can use the elixir to train new troops , to re load X bows , for carrying out research in laboratories for upgrading troops and to build or upgrade the certain buildings mostly pretaining the buildings which are used for attacking other opponent player. You can use the gold for building up of defensive buildings and for upgrading the town hall through which you can get access to the more buildings and the high level of the buildings which already exist.

The dark elixir makes available to you at the 7 town hall. You can use the elixir of this type to train and upgrade dark elixir troops , heroes , fuel the inferno tower which is a defensive building that becomes available when reached to 10 town hall. Another defensive building which is eagle artillery is only available at the 11 town hall which gets fueled by the elixir which also gives you an access to the new hero which is The garden warden . The garden warden is telling only hero which comes out from the elixir. You will be going to get a lot of buildings for defending your village , traps , cannons , Archer tower , mortars , inferno towers or eagle artilleries.

Troops and spells

Their are two types of barracks which are barracks and dark barracks and also two types of spell factories which are spell factory and the dark spell factory. You can create up the troops with help of barracks by using the elixir ( Barbarian , giant , wall breaker , goblin , Archer , wizard , dragon ,  balloon , healer , baby dragon  etc ) while the other troop can be created with the help of dark barracks by using dark elixir like ( minion , hog rider , Valkyrie , witch , lava hound and bowler ).

There is the same method as of barracks which is also followed by spells. You can create the normal spell factory with help of spell by using elixir ( heal spell , jump spell , lightning spell , rage spell , freeze spell , clone spell , jump spell ) and you can create up the dark spell factory with help of dark elixir ( poison spell , haste spell , skeleton spell, earthquake spell ). Their are different properties for the different troops and spells. When you get high up to the game the various type of new troops and spells get unlocked.

Free Gems for COC

Apart from the other resources available in COC game, gems are used as the currency of the game for purchasing different things within the game. You can use gems for finishing the time based processes like the time taken in building or upgrading troops or for training your army, you can boost up the buildings like resources production, barracks or heroes with help of gems. You will get gems when you will be awarded within the game for going to milestones , on completion of achievements , on obstacle clearing like trees, mushrooms or you can even get the gem boxes during the below. Their is one another option of getting gems is purchasing them from the Google play store or game shop.

Clans and clans wars

A group or players who joins together for helping each other is known as clan , you can help each other by gaining or donating troops or by giving the advice to your clan member. When you build up the special clan castle then you will be allowed to join clans. Another trending feature of COC clash of clans is facing each other or having a battle with the opponent player is known as clan wars which is most favorite of the players.

The leader or co – leader of the clans are able to begin a clan war against the clan members. One preparation day and one war day is given to the every clan. You will receive a star when you attacks the opposite member of your clan in clan war which is based on the destruction amount caused to the opponent member. Every player has right of only two attacks in a single war and the team which earns more number of stars will be the winner at the end of the war and if the number of stars will be equal during the war then the winner will be that team who causes more destruction to the opponent. If you uses your attacks in a war then you will be granted with a bonus of war loot.

Builder’s base and PvP battles

This is a new mod of game which was introduced by supercell known as Builder base. You can create up the new village and can sail to the new island with the different sets of buildings available to you. This mode allows the two players to attack on each other’s base at the same time. The player who will do more destruction to the opponent or get more stars will won the gold , elixir and trophies. You can also get the loot from attacks three times within every 22 hours. You can also skip this time period with help of your gems by spending them.

Requirements for clash of clans app

App name : Clash of clans
File name clash of clans 925618.apk
Latest Version 9.256.18
Category : Game
Updated on : 27th October 2017
File size 88.89MB
Android version 4.0 and above


Clash of clans has been updated now with it’s latest version that is 9.256.18 , as we know that it is a best multiplayer battle game for the Android users and very addictive too. You can get this game free on cost from Google play store or from online APK although we will later tell you the stepwise procedure of clash of clans download and installing the app. Let us know that what are the new features in this update.

Features of clash of clans [COC Latest Update ]

  • The obstacles which are special are spawning.
  • You will be going to get 1 gem spell brewing boost.
  • You can now celebrate the Halloween in clash style with the giant skeleton and pumpkin barbarian.
  • In the builder base mode you can now challenge your clanmates for a friendly battle or clans war.
  • Now , you have to work with your clan for unlocking the new clans perk level and can gain access badges oftiered clan.
  • In this new update you are eligible to watch the online status of your friends.
  • Now you can watch the attacks of your friends live in both modes home village or builder base.
  • You will be having new troops levels to the Golem and Valkyrie.
  • Their is a new building level which is air sweeper and bomb tower.
  • There are maximum 25 more level wall pieces in this updated version.
  • This new update is having a new builder that is hall 7.
  • There are some features that has been added to this updated version which are hidden Tesla , fire crackers , army camp , +4 segments etc.
  • Now , you can upgrade all of your defenses which also includes walls to the level 7.
  • You will be going to get a brief introduction to the drop ship and the giant Cannon.
  • Now , you can upgrade up all of your troops to the level 14.
  • You can now upgrade your battle machine to the level 15.
  • The algorithm of clan war matchmaking has been changed in this update.

Basic features of Clash of Clans

  • It is absolutely free to download and play inspite of some inside app purchases which depends on your choice.
  • You have to build up your village and makes an unbeatable fortress.
  •  You will be going to have battles with text other players in all over the world and can get their trophies after winning the battle.
  • You can even form clan in which you can join your friends or other members and make a team of yours or you can also join the clan of others.
  • You can have the clan wars in which you will be going to fight up with the other rival clan of yours.
  • You can form your own attacking army with help of troops , spells , heroes and clan reinforcement.
  • You have to defend or protect your village with help of cannons , towers , mortars , bombs , traps and walls which will be available in the game.
  • You have fight against the Goblin king with the realm in an epic campaign.

This game will become very addictive to you when you join a clan and participates in the clan wars as it is having too much fun. Clan is a place where you and your other team members can chat , donate troops to each other or advising each other for getting victory over the other or opponent clan members in the clan wars.

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How to download clash of clans Game app in Android

You can easily clash of clans game download on your Google play store of your device. For downloading this app you have to just follow the below-mentioned steps –

Step – 1 : First of all you have to go to the play store on your device.

Step – 2 : Now , you will see a search bar at the top of your mobile screen. Here you have to type clash of clans and click on the search icon.

Step – 3 : A new window will get appeared in front of you. Now you have to click on the install button which is present at the mid right side of your mobile screen.

Step – 4 : After clicking on the install button a new tab will get open in front of you asking for the access to install. Click on the accept option for allowing your device to start the download.

Step – 5 : As soon as you click on the accept button your download will begin instantly. Now , wait till the downloading gets completed.

Step – 6 : Now , leave the window by pressing home button and go to the mobile setting option of your device. Here , you will find an option of security click on it to open.

Step – 7 : After clicking on security a list will get open in front of you. Now , scroll down and find the option of unknown sources. Click on that option to allow access to the installation from unknown sources.

Step – 8 Your app will get automatically installed when your downloading will get competed. After the downloading finished you will see the icon of clash of clans app on your mobile home screen. So , you are able to play this game now.

How to download clash of clans APK

If you are not using Google play store or your play store is not working then we have another option for you. You can download the APK of clash of clans and then install it to your device. For downloading the app of clash of clans follow the below mentioned steps –

Step – 1 : First of all make allow to the unknown sources on your device.go to the mobile setting option of your device. Here , you will find an option of security click on it to open.

Step – 2 : After clicking on security a list will get open in front of you. Now , scroll down and find the option of unknown sources. Click on that option to allow access to the installation from unknown sources.

Step – 3 : Next , after providing the access to the unknown sources you have to download the APK of clash of clans for this you have to click on the below provided link.

After clicking on the link you will be redirected to the new website where you will see an option of download click on it and your download will begin.

Step – 4 : Now , wait till the downloading gets completed.

Step – 5 : After the downloading of APK finished go to the download section and look for the downloaded file. Click on the file , a new tab will get open in front of you.

Step – 6 : Here , you will see an option of install click on that option and wait till the installing process completed.

Step – 7 : After , the installation of APK completes you will see an icon of clash of clans on your mobile home screen which means that you are now ready to rock with this game.

Closure ,

Clash of clans is really a very nice and addictive game. You will be definitely going to require the internet connection for this game as it is a online game. When you play the clan wars and battles in this game you will definitely be going to enjoy a lot as you will be rewarded with a lot of gifts , rewards and trophies which are really very amazing and have a lot of fun in playing. We told you about the latest feature of clash of clans and its update. Today , we learn a lot of things and features of clash of clans and come to know that what are the main things which we are going to have in this game.

Clash of Clans update

We told you about the important updates and features and told you that how you can download and install the app to your android device. You can easily download the app by just simply following the above mentioned steps. We hope that you will not be going to face any problem in downloading or installing of app by using the steps provided in this article or if you are not having the Google play store then we have also provided you the APK method for installing the app to your android device. Bye any means if you face any problem then you can contact us we will be always there to help you and solve your query regarding anything. Hope you like this article and find it usable.

Frequently asked questions ( FAQ’s )


Ques – 1: Can I play this game offline?

Ans – 1 : No , you are not able to play this game offline as this is an online game and you required an established internet connection for playing this game. As you are unable to play clan wars or form clan offline.


Ques – 2: Is it possible to continue the same game on a new device?

Ans – 2 : Yes , it is possible to continue the same game on another device also for this you have to make your game to be accessed to the game center account. After it you can login to the game center in your new device to continue your game from the place you left it.


Ques – 3: How can I control my units on the battlefield?

Ans – 3 : When you enter into the battlefield your troops will not be under your control and become autonomous .


Ques – 4: Is it possible to restart the game or begin it from starting?

Ans – 4 : Till now it is not possible to restart your game or start it from the starting. But you can have a new game on a new device but not on your old device.


Ques – 5: How can I contact to the supercell for any query?

Ans – 5 : It is possible to contact the supercell if you have any query regarding the game. You can send to the feedback regarding the support or you can also mail your query on the email 

You will get the solution to your problem in the revert email.


Ques – 6: Can I play Clash of clans game on my PC or Laptop?

Ans – 6 : Yes , you can play clash of clans on your PC or laptop also. For this you will have to first of all download clash of clans for pc device. We suggest you to download blue stacks as right now it is the best android emulator which works well on PC. After getting the emulator sign up with your Gmail id and download the clash of clans from Google play store as you did in you android mobile also. After it you will be able to successfully play your favorite game on your PC also. 

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