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Player Unknown’s Battleground or commonly known as Pubg recently came to Android platform.

Within a day of official launch, the game was running on millions of devices. Playing Pubg with your friends has become a new trend in Android gaming industry.

The game is full of suspense and thrills in all aspects and so is the mod apk of Pubg with more thrills.

The idea of stuffing hundred players in an airplane and then leaving them on an island for survival with weapons is a pretty great idea.

They need to search for weapons, armor, ammo, and other different supplies for surviving the deadliest death-battle ever.

But nobody is satisfied what they have; we are always in the search for more and more. So, in this post, we will let you know the trick to get unlimited resources with the Pubg Mod Apk.

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Player Unknown’s Battleground: Introduction 

Pubg is one of the most popular battlefield games for PC. With its release on Android platform, it has become one of the best for Android devices too. Android users have gone crazy with the release of Pubg.

The game starts with 100 players provided each with a parachute land on an island.

They need to scavenge for armor, clothes, ammo, weapons, and other stuff to survive there. You always need to be ready for loots, raids, and what not to stand till last.

All other players need to be killed so that you can win the game.

Features of Pubg:



High-Quality Graphics: The game provides you with realistic graphics and high-quality video and audio support. The 3D sound effects and richly detailed visual experience makes this game best ever.

Team up with friends: Invite your friends and team up with them to kill other players. Make team, coordinate with them, discuss your plan with voice chats and boom the island.

Travel in style: Make use of the vehicles like motorcycles, cars, boats, etc. to take down your enemy or to make a smooth escape.

Realistic weapons: A combination of melee weapons, throwables, an arsenal of firearms can take down your enemies with ease. As this opens more ways to shoot, beat and kill your enemy.

What is Pubg Mod? 



Just like any other modified application, Pubg mod apk has a lot more to offer you along with official features.

The purpose is to introduce you to additional features and functionality of the game. Here is a brief description of some its most popular features:

  • Aim automatically at your enemy.

  • Advanced ability to aim and then lock the targeted enemy.

  • Aiming assisted functionality.

  • Rapid fire abilities to rapidly kill enemies.

  • Unlimited resources including money.

  • Fog won’t disturb you while gaming.

  • No grass at all so that you aim with full potential.

  • No recoil at any places.

  • License verification has been passed.

These are only a few features of the mod apk. It has much more to offer that you will automatically find as soon as you download it and install it.

Why should you install Pubg Mod? 

The official app of Pubg is already the best you can get for Android gaming.

But we are humans and always look for more and more and this mod apk of Pubg has a lot more to offer you other than the official functionality.

If you practice with these additional features, you can perform a lot better than before.

The mod is better than the official game as you can always beat your enemies with ease. This will make you one of the best players as you’ll win the battles one after the other.

The unlimited financial support will let you make the most out of your gameplay.

Install Pubg Mod Apk on your Android Phone!

System Requirements:

Recommended RAM of at least 2GB

Android running on v5.1.1 or above

Recommended empty internal storage space of at least 1GB

What else to do before installing? 

You need to download the required files from the links given later in this post. Also, you need to uninstall the official apk of Pubg from your device in order to run the mod apk.

Step-by-step installation guide:

How to install

  1. Download the necessary files from the links given later in this post.
  2. Once done unzip or extract the OBB file in a separate folder.
  3. Then go to file manager and move the extracted files to sdcard/android/obb folder.
  4. Or you can directly extract the OBB files to sdcard/android/obb.
  5. Now install the modified apk of the Pubg game on your Android device.
  6. Once done, you can now enjoy the extraordinary gameplay and beat your enemies with ease.

Version Info: 

App name

Pubg Mod Apk

App developer

Tencent Games

Last updated

5th August 2018



Android version Required

Android v5.1.1 or above

Apk size

36 MB

Additional file (OBB file) size

707 MB



Average user rating

4.4/5 stars

Download information: 

Main apk file of Pubg Mod Apk: Download from here.

OBB file for Pubg mod apk: Download from here.

Play Pubg like a PRO

Chicken Dinner

Chicken Dinner

Player’s Unknown Battlegrounds is not at all a simple game in any way. You need to pay full attention and concentrate while playing.

Here are some pro tips that you should always keep in mind to become a pro player in Pubg:

Drop into the town alone: Choose wisely where you should jump. Never choose the place where most of the players drop as you will ending up getting killed. Instead, drop near a building to pick up weapons and other stuff. Always look for a place not unknown to most of the people.

Loot first, attack later: You should always loot first, as mentioned in the first point. Take the weapons, armor and healing tools to survive till last and be a winner for the chicken dinner. Once you have chosen your weapons, test them at least once and choose the best one for you.

Use auto-functions: Playing an action game based on a battlefield is pretty awkward with Android device. But that’s not the case with Pubg. You get some cool auto-functionality like auto sprint, free look, and auto loot. All these help you in performing better even on Android devices.

Be aggressive: Unlike PC or Xbox, defending yourself on phone is not a pretty good idea. Instead, try attacking your enemy. For instance, when you hear gunfire, instead of finding cover attack your enemy with the skills you have got. You should try this as controls are precise and accuracy is difficult with the touchscreen.

Take Aim: Attacking does not mean that you should fire blindly. This will waste your shots and you again need to find new weapons and ammo. 90% of the times the accuracy won’t aim you as you’re on a phone. So stand for a while, aim your enemy and shoot. In this way, you will be standing alone at last with your chicken dinner.

Use your ears: Always use your ears and keep a watch on shots fired near you. This will help you in detecting the enemies and moments near you. So, you need to rely on your ears to find other players.

Tweak the settings: Tweaking your settings and customizing preferences accordingly can give you some extra potential. Consider setting the graphics at low and FPS at high to make the gameplay smoother than before.

Look out for cars: If walls go out and you need to cover yourself, cars are one of the best options. Keep in mind where they are found near your area and escape the death zone.

Play with friends and get covered: Playing with your friends provides you cover. They will help you in taking down the enemies and can also join you for Chicken Dinner :p 


Q. Is it necessary to uninstall the official apk of the Pubg android before installing this mod apk file?

A. Yes, it is necessary to uninstall the official apk file so as to successfully install the mod apk and run it with no issues.

Q. Is it safe to use the mod apk?

A. Till now the algorithms of Pubg are not taking over the players using any kind of modified applications. So, until they start taking over, you are completely safe while playing with a modified version.


The Pubg for Android has been one of the most popular games since its launch. After its launch, the players have gone crazy with its amazing features, graphics, and gameplay.

But still, it lacks something. Well, that can easily be covered by the latest mod for Pubg android. All the features and functionality mentioned are personally tested by us.

So what are you waiting for?

Go download and install the mod apk of Pubg. Also, leave the feedback on the mod apk and do let us know in case you faced any problems.

We’ll try to solve all your queries as soon as possible.

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